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Dirty - Megan Hart I grabbed this from my kindle b/c I was stuck somewhere w/o a book while in between books & thought it would be a fun dirty read. Not so much. Lots of heavy themes, which might have worked had the characters been developed better. It tried to be an angsty mystery but was pretty clear from the outset what the MC's hidden secret was. Oh the moping! And pushing people away! Lots & lots of pushing people away and then turning around and having sex for no reason. Had the situation presented in Dirty been written & developed by a more adept YA author, like say Katja Millay, it might have been pulled off really well. Instead, it felt like this book tried to be all things & fell short on most of them. The angst didn't produce any UST (I love angsty-UST), and despite a sad circumstance for Elle, I didn't feel a whole lot of emotion for either of the main characters. And the smut was just meh. I probably should know better than to read outdated porn. The terminology used in the sex scenes felt very outdated. I feel like I need to go read Wide Awake as an angsty palate-cleanser!