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Addicted - Charlotte Stein I'd round up to a 3.5. The writing wasnt bad - but it wasn't great either. The main character is too much into her own head for my taste - it's like Stein tried to combine a Mary Sue & Bridget Jones. The result was a LOT of inner dialogue. Ok. We get it. You're beige & he's A GIANT RAINBOW OF COLORS! The smut was hot, but I've actually read a fic (by 107yearoldvirgin I think?) that was REALLY similar - and a smoother read. (hot experienced boy helps self-professed bedroom novice conduct "research" for the erotic novel she's writing) In short, it was a fun little break from the heavier stuff I've read lately, but not the smart well-written & well-developed smut à la Tiffany Reisz.