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Willing Victim - Cara McKenna Round up to 3.75. It's more like a novella - short & sweet (wish it had been longer - Id really love to flash-forward & see the couple down the road). Minimal on details & character development, but very good smut. Flynn is particularly hot & Laurel is pretty much a likeable Mary Sue.

The title makes it sound salacious & like it will thoroughly explore a taboo kink, but it's actually a pretty benign story. Flynn likes it rough w/lots & lots of dirty talk. Laurel - with flynn's help- discovers she likes it too. Everyone is completely consensual, upfront about their intentions, and boundaries are clearly set (which is loads more than we can say about That Book Trilogy that everyone is reading.)

There's no in-depth character development nor thorough exploration of this particular kink, but The sex is hot & feelings are discovered/uncovered along the way. It's basically like a 1/2 hour TV show that wraps everything up neatly in 30min...but with some really delicious smut. I would have loved a full hour.