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Sheltered - Charlotte Stein I had higher hopes for this as so many others I'm GR friends with had read & loved it. It's a sweet story, really, but I think the prose was just awkward for me. Not poorly written, by any means, just overly wordy for what it was.

The smut was hot & their UST built over time - Van is kind of the ideal (albeit stereotypical) hero- all tatts, imposing exterior w/the occasional bad boy w/a joint Btwn his fingers - but he's all upstanding, caring, thoughtful art student inside. If there was ever a "Mary Sue" for a guy, he'd be it. Evie is the oppressed - but not repressed - heroine, stuck under her father's abusive thumb. She was less interesting to me, mostly bc it was told from her pov & it was too choppy/overly wordy for me. I thought there was some disconnect in her thoughts/actions, and I'd like to have seen certain issues delved into further to make them really plausible.

essentially what I've come to understand is that these erotic novels (which are all VERY short) present exactly like a half hour sitcom: slightly unbelievable circumstances (really? Monica & Rachel can afford that apartment in Manhatten??) with likable characters, a dash of conflict (& in the case of these books - a heavy dose of smut) all wrapped up & resolved neatly in ~170 pages. In all honestly, they're fun...but I think I'd rather go back to fics like For the Summer, The Blessing & the Curse, etc, where the writing is INCREDIBLE, and the story & character development - not to mention the smut- just reach in, grab you & whisk you along for an incredibly satisfying emotional ride. I want to get swept up & FEEL (& not just the sexy times way) and these little erotic novels don't always do that for me.