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Make Me - Charlotte Stein This (short) novel was a terrible piece of drivel. I really like menage/poly stories & had high hopes for Make Me. Sadly, i was very disappointed mostly bc i felt the writing was stunted, scenes were strung together awkwardly, and the characters had SO MUCH they could have said/explained but didn't. And, any erotica that uses the phrase "my smoothly waxed mons" is just...I don't even know.

I skimmed the last 1/4 and the only reason I did that is bc I'm on vacation & keep falling asleep at night or in the car on the long drive to our destination, otherwise I'd have flounced much much sooner & started something that takes actual brain power to read. I'm only reviewing bc I want my friends who are looking for WELL WRITTEN EROTICA to know that they needn't add this title to their TBR list.