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The Proposal - Jaden Sinclair Was looking for something fast, smutty, and fun to read late one night when my brain was too tired to process the details in the other book I'm reading. I picked this from my erotica folder (can't remember where I got it?) & yeah... This HAD to have been fic at some point. Then again, I've read a LOT of really well-written fic & they blow this out of the water.

What I read (& ultimately skimmed) was poorly, loaded with stilted phrasing, and featured some of the most cliched lemons I've ever read. It was like going on a fic dive & coming up w/your typical "heated core, slick slit, virgin-who-orgasms-5-times-the-first-time" story. I'd say it was one step above BadFic! Don't waste your time!