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Enamored: Book 2 in the Enslaved Trilogy

Enamored: Book Two in the Enslaved Trilogy - Shoshanna Evers

3.5 stars, maybe even 4. There's a whole lot of cliche going on in parts (particularly the dialogue the beginning & end) but the middle really surprised me. There's a small handful of stories I can think of that really educated me on what it means to be a Dom/me or a sub, and this was one of them. I expected to find a fun little read with a fair amount of smut sandwiched between a few plot-advancing scenes, and instead I found some really great exploration of what it means to be a sub, a Dom, or even a switch. Granted, I don't live the lifestyle, so I take it all with a grain of salt and suspect that Ms. Evers greatly over-simplifies Lauren's exploration & quick acceptance of her new-found submissive side. However, woven in between some eye-rollingly stereotypical setting details (billionaires! private planes! dom perignon!), Marc & Lauren gave a refreshing look at the roles of Dom & sub as they worked out the kinks (heh) in their relationship. I liked their camaraderie, I liked their ease with one another, and enjoyed seeing their mutual respect grow into something more.

I also found Roman's trip to Japan & his subsequent night with Jade very fascinating. Evers writes some really steamy smut, and I will say that Roman's scene with Jade was some of the most unique sex I've ever read. Needless to say I'll be heading over to Google in a bit to explore the topic of Shibari sometime soon.

This was indeed a quick, fun read - with a bit extra. A marked improvement over the first book in this trilogy, I'm definitely putting the third on my TBR list.