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Fear of Falling - S.L. Jennings Can I have my 3.99 back? At the risk of sounding callous to the history of abuse the main character (& a couple of others) suffered in their past, this was eye-rolling angst to the extreme. Was I just whisked back to a VERY mediocre un-beta'd Twi-fic from 2009? I'd actually give it a half-star for Blaine's hotness.

Additional shelves I'd put this on: Cliche-to-the-max, Why-so-many-adjectives, Why-do-authors-feel-the-need-to-repeat-EVERY-SINGLE-THING, Eyerolling-angst, Read-like-mediocre-fic, Laughable-dialogue, Is-this-new-adult-or-erotica-or-IDEFK-what-to-classify-this-as, I-think-ELJames-might-actually-write-better-than-this, Bwhahaha-NO.