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Matched - Ally Condie Typically I really enjoy dystopian stories & was intrigued by this one...until it really went nowhere. All the mystery was there - who exactly runs The Society? How did they actually GET to a place where the ultimate Big Brother governs everything down to what they throw away, who they marry, what vitamins they consume, and even when you die? (that horrified me!) But none of the answers really came. Yes, small nuggets were dropped here & there, but looking ahead across the subsequent trilogy and other reviewers comments, it appears little is revealed. The characters were nice. Bland. Hints at some depth to them, but none of the strength & determination of Tris, Four, Karou, or even Katniss. Hardly any questioning of The Society & the wrongness of it all, and while I could tell Cassia was beginning too, her realizations were slow to come & made her seem complacent & late on the uptake.

Also, just thinking about the destruction of all but 100 of the past's paintings, songs, books, etc was almost a hard limit for me! Knowingly destroying all that history & creativity & innovation & culture... I nearly #turpentined the book right there.

I did enjoy Cassia's relationship with her grandfather & parents.

In short, I was drawn in & fascinated at the beginning, wanted to know more about Xander, cassia, Ky & his past/origins, and even Bram...but the slow reveal & overall blandness of the characters made this a mere 2 stars for me.