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Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell Three separate books so far, each incredibly different, yet all so very...Rainbow. Her words & turn of phrase are completely unique, memorable, funny, and at times achingly raw. How does she manage to create not just one but an entire cast of deftly characterized people?! Ms Rowell does this so beautifully in each of her books - even the tertiary characters are clearly fleshed out.

This book in particular is will resonate more deeply with (dare I say it?) fan girls. Those of us who know fandom & have been active participants in the world of fan fiction, midnight book (& movie) releases, etc. I feel like I need to shout "she gets us! She really gets us!" Because it's so nice to find people - like Cath did with the girl in the library - who understand. Who get it. So for someone like me for whom fandom has been such a huge part of my life, this book was a relief. A wonderful, hilarious, swoony, comfortable relief. Like finding a quirky friend who truly GETS you.

I can safely say that after three books, Ms Rowell's works have a very Marchetta-like quality in their "complete-ness." While their writing styles are very very different, I find that with all of their books, I'm left with a sense of having read just enough. It's true I never want any of their books to end because I love the characters so so much... But at the same time I feel like they all come to a close with a satisfying wholeness that (ironically in this case) doesn't have me running for Fanfiction.net to find a better ending. Of course I'd LOVE an outtake here & there, to catch just another glimpse of Lincoln & Beth, Finnikin & Isaboe, Taylor & Jonah, and most definitely Cath & Levi, but each of their book endings have a sense of closure, of wholeness, of the story arc coming full circle. To me it's a feat to find an author who can make you fall so deeply in love with their characters that you never want to leave them...yet you can be utterly satisfied with how beautifully their stories wrap up. It's a rare find, to come across an author who does this so well. And in that aspect, Rainbow & Ms Marchetta are very much alike.

That being said, if I had to create a Wish List of "One Shots From Fangirl That I'd Pay Oodles of Cash To Read", Levi & Cath's first time would be right up there. :::Ahem, fandom friends:::