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Slammed (Slammed, #1) - Colleen Hoover Why I went ahead & read this when several people who I trust implicitly for recs had already said "meh. pass. don't waste your time." But I did - mostly bc I got stuck somewhere w/o a book (THE HORROR) & I previously enjoyed one of Hoover's other novels, Hopeless. (And also bc I didn't feel like reading erotica in a hospital waiting room for 2 days...) In retrospect, trying to not blush through an erotic novel while sitting with my parents in public would have been far more preferable than this.

The writing was poor, the drama over the top, Lake was whiny & immature - and even the could-have-been-swoony Will didn't balance that out. I'd rather have read a children's chapter book about the shenanigans of their 9 year old brothers - Caulder & Kel. Sigh... moving on!