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Staking His Claim

Staking His Claim (A Line of Duty Novel) (Entangled Brazen) - Tessa Bailey

I think I've read too much BDSM (both good AND bad) to really get behind the premise of this book. I really liked Matt & Lucy, but Matt's "I like it rough, but that makes me bad" schtick is rather old. It's not like he's looking for a dungeon & someone to dress in head to toe latex... he just has strong dominant tendencies in bed & needs to figure out that doesn't make him bad. Lucy is a strong, self-aware female who knows what she wants. She can handle it. And she likes it... a lot.  But of course Matt's self-flagellation gets in the way. I guess I'd rather have seen him be a hard-core dom looking for a partner & coming to terms with his needs rather than what we saw in this story. I really liked Lucy a lot though, and when they did hit the sheets, there was some nice dirty-talk. Dialogue felt awkward in places & I guess I just didn't love this as much as I loved a couple of Bailey's previous books.