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My Life Next Door - Huntley Fitzpatrick Lovely read. Wonderful main characters, fantastic supporting characters (George! Tim! Voldemort! #kidding #sortof) I love when teens in books actually have healthy relationships with their parents. And good Gos i love Jase's family! And conversely, Sam's mom was all appearances & no substance - until it's nearly too late. Jase brings all the swoons & I found Sam to be someone I could really relate to (minus the republican politician mother). I just wish it hadn't wrapped up so tidily. A little more explanation, a little more of the various Garretts reaction to the big reveal, a little more from Grace (wanted to see more growth, more repentance) & even Tracy (what were her feelings re: the situation?). But Nan... After all that? Tell me what happened to that little bitch! I love how Tim turned out though. All in all, a lovely read. Would be a perfect summer beach/pool read.