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The Mistress

The Mistress - Tiffany Reisz

4 stars for finally giving us some great insight to all Three (King, Soren, Nora) and answering a zillion questions I had about them - particularly Soren. I hated the Marie-Laure story-line & while I suppose that was the point, IDK, it wasnt my favorite method she could have used to coax out the various backstories. Without spoiling (even though I'm late to the party & most everyone I'm friends with has already read) I love that __ & __ got together. I REALLY hoped Grace would eventually play an important role somewhere in this series and so glad I was right. I love that Tiffany ALMOST went there & axed a couple of characters. I love that Tiffany has a ridiculously good command of the BDSM world AND the religious one. I'm still all WHUT?! about the ending, and I know I'll be mulling this one over for a good while. And dreaming of the outtakes I'd pay the price for to see her write.