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Beyond Pain

Beyond Pain (Beyond, #3) - Kit Rocha

I think this is by far my favorite yet from the series. Having seen just enough of Bren & Six in the previous books, they were the couple I was most looking forward to seeing. I say it each time, and I'll say it again - this series reminds me so much of Black Dagger Brotherhood with it's large cast of characters fighting a common enemy, gritty setting, and the whole stable of wounded men/women just waiting to find their mate & settle down. It's a common formula, but the writing team of Kit Rocha finally seem to have hit their stride with this one, despite some pacing issues midway through. A lot of focus on Bren & Six (could have been more, though, in my opinion), enough plot to move things forward, good character set-up for the next book(s), and some really really creative smut. Seriously. In that regard, these books are not formulaic & the writers are pretty fearless in exploring all kinds of situations. Ahem. This will be a reread for sure until I can get my hands on Rachel/Ace/Cruz.