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Beautiful Beginning

Beautiful Beginning - Christina Lauren

A solid 4.5 for the ending of this series. Say what you will about P2P, but this series stands on it's own two feet. Yes their start came from fic, but the other 5 books (particularly Stranger & Player) truly earn C & Lo their place on the Bestseller lists. 

The final installment of the BBastard Series continues along in what I refer to as "The 'Friends' Suspension of Disbelief" (ie. what 20-something actually has an apartment in NYC that's as huge or as well-appointed as Monica's, what with the meager jobs they have & who can afford to dress like they do… but you know, I'm happy to suspend my disbelief because it's just SO MUCH FUN!) with an over-the top wedding, many many shenanigans, limo rides, and lots of couture shoeporn. While some of it was on the cheeseball side for me, at the heart of it lay the intense connection, and heat, and love between Chloe & Bennett. 

Lo & Christina have always been great at balancing serious emotion and humorous dialogue, but they really knocked it out of the park this time. Really really great dialogue between Chloe & Bennett, and it's especially fun since their characters are so familiar, yet it allows us to get to know them even better. I didn't think it was possible to see these two get hotter or more deeply in love, but somehow amidst all the shenanigans & secondary characters, they do. I'll admit, C&B were not my favorite couple of the three books, but this novella - particularly Bennett's inner dialogue - really won me over. He reminded me of a certain crazy intense, passionate, BLISSful character we know and adore. It's really a testament to their skill in writing the characters inner dialogue. And Bennett's filthy filthy mouth? OUI.

Some portions of the story are what you'd expect of a Big! Wedding! Finale! (See: shenanigans, crazy relatives, etc etc) but they were balanced with enough little scenes & twists that the story remains fresh, fun, touching, and utterly true to the two main characters. And so very very hot. #hottestlimorideever

What a fun ride these books have been.