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Roman Holiday 2: Hitched

Hitched - Ruthie Knox



I usually love everything by Ruthie Knox, and had been saving this little serial for a busy time when I needed something fluffy to read. This past week I served jury duty & read these 5 during breaks, etc. I don't know if they would have come across more fluidly if they were all read as one book, but I felt like the characters were weaker (I just don't think I personally connected with them this time, like I usually do) and then the serial nature of the story made it feel even more disjointed. And frankly, there was not enough believable attraction between the two main characters to support the UST she was trying to build. I guess I needed a little more lemony payoff throughout. It's still a quick fun read, but I think I'd have been more satisfied going back & rereading a favorite unf-y, UST-y fanfic or one of her earlier books.