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Fortunately, The Milk

Fortunately, the Milk - Neil Gaiman, Skottie Young

Whimsical, imaginative, silly, over-the-top, and very charming. It's as if Edward Gorey illustrated a Roald Dahl book set in current times. It really all comes down to a dad telling his children (very skeptical children) an outrageous story all the while trying to bring home the milk for their breakfast. And his tea. Parts were a bit patchy, but any shortcomings in the story were forgotten in the wake of Skottie Young's incredible illustrations (although there is a Chris Riddell version too) which made everything delightful. And as a former invitation-designer & all-around fontwhore, the typefaces in the Skottie Young version were just phenomenal. 


All in all, a great little read from the brilliant Mr. Gaimen that everyone in the family can enjoy - although I did find myself wondering if the milk was even still good by the time it finally got home. That whole time-space continuum can really mess with those expiration dates!


"Here. Have a SPANISH DOUBLOON and come and join us on our piratical adventures. It's the eighteenth century," she added, "and there's always room for a bright, enthusiastic pirate."


"Why are you a pink pony with a pale blue star on the side?" I asked. "I know," said the pony with a sigh. "It's what everybody's wearing these days. Pale blue stars are sooo last year." "I am just so glad there were ponies," said my sister. 


"I think that there should have been nice wumpires," said my sister, wistfully. "Nice, handsome, misunderstood wumpires."