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Truly - Ruthie Knox

I really love Ruthie Knox's stories. They're smart, well-written, and generally have well-developed characters. For me, her novels are like a chick-flick, in that I know there will be a happy resolution, but I still find myself getting caught up in the meet-cute, angst/UST-development, and angst/UST-resolution. And Truly doesn't disappoint. May and Ben are engaging, with snappy dialogue and build an interesting relationship as they solve their own personal issues. Overall, it's a fun "fluff-with-substance" read, and was the perfect anecdote between some heavier fare I was reading in December. It was also nice that it wasn't just novella length, but a fully-fleshed out story rather than a quick "half hour sitcom" read.

“It was easy to love your idea of someone - to fall hard for their very best self. The question was whether, once you had to spend some time living with their worst self, you could bear to be with them anymore.” 

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