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Protecting What's His

Protecting What's His (A Line of Duty Novel) - Tessa Bailey

I think it may have been due to my fever/flu induced stupor that I loved nearly every smuttastic page of this, despite the insta-love between the characters & the poor choices made by Ginger, and the major alpha-male streak running a mile wide with Derek. All the things I'd normally be against just kind of went out the window when Derek started running his filthy mouth. I'd previously read Officer Off Limits & found some of her "outside the bedroom" dialogue ultra-cheesy. I was happy to find Tessa's writing much improved in this installment. Bailey's books are formulaic (aren't most adult romance titles?), but aside from that, her stories are smexy fun with some crazy hot - and creative - dirty talk. A highly enjoyable departure from the contemporary lit streak I'd been on.